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Personal issues: But sadly it wasn't meant to be for the Scouser - who audition for the ITV talent show 10 years ago - as he withdrew from this year's series after he told production about his 'drug use''Anthony has always said he will never give up on music,' the source added.'Production are all very fond of him and think he has really potential so have told him, if he straightens himself out, they would love him to have another shot at X Factor next year.'That is the perfect incentive for him to get his life back on track.

She said: 'You’ve got great likability and I think if you focus you could do really well here, so we’re gonna put you through to the six chair challenge'Nicole responded: 'Everyone wants to root for him.'Despite his endearing performance, Anthony withdrew from the series shortly afterwards.Support: The source added: 'That is the perfect incentive for him to get his life back on track.Continuing: 'So everyone hopes he will come back next year healthier'A spokeswoman for X Factor said of the reports: 'Earlier this month, due to personal reasons, Anthony withdrew from the show.Halliwell is stepping in for Minogue, 38, for the auditions because the Australian singer is Down Under expecting to give birth to her first child next month, before returning to the show in September.Writing on her Twitter page today, Minogue said: 'Go Geri!