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This is a one-of-a-kind documentary, tracing the boxing career of Lucia Rijker. And it's a fascinating portrait of dedication, courage, and skill, beautifully told and expertly edited.

Even if you're not familiar with the sport, it's an inspiring story of an extremely talented boxer who just happens to be a woman.

Trained by legendary fighter Freddie Roach On Freddie Roach 01 [HD] and promoted by Bob Arum, Lucia Rijker had a great run.

This is one of my husband's favorite films; he boxed as a young man and says (with authority) that Rijker is one of the most skilled boxers he's seen and that her boxing form is as close to perfect as he's ever seen, bar none.

This is a fascinating documentary, probably one of the best boxing docs I've seen, and I highly recommend it.

Too bad that many of the top femaler boxers never get a chance to show thei abilities to a large audience.

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The rule rests firmly on the ideology of separate spheres, in which women be "protected" from the rugged, masculine world.