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Do you think they will travel to Rio to watch Olympics 2016?

'Nerve' is about an online dare game, in which people give participants anonymous dares for money.

They have been sighted hanging out in London and New York, doing the normal things that normal couples do.

“They’ve been enjoying a low-key romance since last autumn,” reports .

While she is not a rugby player herself, she might be thinking about her ex-boyfriend at Oxford as she watches the sport on TV.

“[S]tudents at the Oxford school, Headington, which Watson attended in her teenage years, during the height of Potter mania, actually formalized guidelines to ensure that Watson’s fellow students wouldn’t pester her,” reports .

“Of course if you were friends with her you could speak to her, but no one was allowed to go up and ask for an autograph or anything,” a former student revealed.

As Emma takes on new films for her career, she will be happy to leave her days behind.

Do you think she will be able to sustain her relationship with her boyfriend once she returns to Hollywood?