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"But I hardly even know him well so far so there's no truth in that. And obviously he is a beautiful boy so I'm very lucky." So just because nothing is happening now, that doesn't mean it might not happen in the future...

They achieved their highest mark to date on Saturday night, after a successful American Smooth to The Sound of Music's Climb Every Mountain.

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‘There will be lots of kicks and flicks in our jive.’ Find out how the pair fare when Strictly Come Dancing 2017’s first live show kicks off on BBC One at 6.25pm.Even though Mollie revealed she found it "embarrassing trying to be sexy", the couple scored a mark of 27 from the judges, and they were safely through to next week.Mollie herself has addressed rumours of a romance with AJ in the past, telling The Huffington Post: "I think there's always some kind of romance rumour, so it didn't surprise me. Would you like to see Mollie and AJ get together on Strictly Come Dancing? Mollie King provided us with some fab seasonal inspiration as she stepped out in this toasty-looking denim borg-lined jacket by Topshop.The perfect solution to tackle the awkward inbetween-y weather we've been experiencing lately, this jacket will keep you nice and warm thanks to the soft lining without having to go to outerwear extremes yet.