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It comes down to resources for the insurance companies and government insurance providers.' Assisted suicide is currently legal in Canada, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Albania, Colombia and Japan.It is also legal in the US states of Washington, California, Oregon, Vermont, New Mexico and Montana.Then I ram my rod down her throat as making her face a mess! I fuck her in every possible position, and the shoot my sperm down her throat! Dr Callister has teamed up with cancer survivor, J. Hanson, 36, who fought his way to remission after being given four months to live, to discourage more states from legalizing the practice. Hanson was struggling with a bout of depression when he heard of Brittany Maynard's campaign for euthanasia.Maynard was also diagnosed with glioblastoma and made national news when she died at age 29 under Oregon's assisted suicide law in 2014.The organization believes the overall figure to be much higher. Some see providing the choice to the dying as a logical evolution in a medical care system advanced in helping people live longer but limited in preventing slow, painful deaths.Hanson previously said: 'After a state adopts pro-assisted suicide legislation, insurance companies can deny coverage to patients seeking life saving treatment.

They were suffering more mentally than physically, with several worried about the strain they cause on their families.

Two patients were told to consider euthanasia because their insurance companies wouldn't cover their life-saving treatment, a doctor claims.

As more states legalize euthanasia for the terminally ill, critics fear that this last resort option will become a first choice treatment method driven by profit-chasing insurance companies and financially-strained families.

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