Vancouver bc speed dating

I’m becoming a creature of habit, routine, and structure these days.) So needless to say, I didn’t know what “dress to impress” meant. Since it was in Yaletown, I’d normally have taken my scooter over, but considering I’d managed to get my hair in a not-totally-embarrassing condition (and locked it in place with eight pounds of hair spray), I didn’t want a helmet to jumble it up.In the end, I comprimised: Casual outfit on top, black slacks, and black shoes (and matching socks — ! I took a cab and only then did I realize my black pants were completely covered with cat fur, courtesy of my two kitties!I mean covered — making the pants nearly look grey.By total luck, I had one of those lint tape-roller things in my jacket pocket from when I wanted to use it on the way to a speech. And good fortune, because the lighting in the place was good enough that it would have revealed the true me — a crazy cat lady. The women had “their” tables, from which they didn’t move; the men circulated every time a glass was tinked — every eight minutes.

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But really, it was five fairly boring trivia questions (what date is the election, and who is the leader of the Bloc Québequois were two of them).

At the end of the night, I decided to reward myself with a little present to myself for mustering up the courage to do the night.

As I often do, I checked into my location with a location-aware app, which posted the following to my Facebook wall (right after the above status update that I’d gone speed-dating): My friends have warped senses of humour, so I felt compelled to add this, just in case they misunderstood what I was buying at a drug store: I’ll update this post if (a) one of my two matches replies, and (b) pigs are seen flying.

Each table had a number on it, which, while perhaps a little dehumanizing, proved helpful for us guys to know which direction to go to.

At the end of the first five rounds, there was a trivia question to answer.