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This mark is located inside the PIC Zone (Permanent Information and Control data Zone) of the Blu-ray disc.Game discs also store encryption information in the PIC Zone for the game's disc-based encryption layer, but the actual format of the mark and the name of the mark (BD-ROM Mark or otherwise) is unknown.The hash value of an application verification certificate associated with a second key is calculated by performing a one-way hash function.Binding operations are then performed with the first key and the calculated hash value to generate a third key, which is a binding key.Note that although globally some PS3 share the same model prefixes, they are actually different because of their special support for their country and SDTV region (NTSC or PAL), which the suffix code below delineates.Game data from the Blu-ray disc can have a disc-based encryption on it, but can be optionally disabled (for developers and personal backup).The encryption usage is mandatory in Blu-ray movie discs (part of AACS) though, and is actually named BD-ROM Mark.The BD-ROM Mark on movie discs holds the encryption key/volume ID (128 bits) and requires special Blu-ray licensed technology to create it.

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