Updating links on excel

Delete or change any that refer to other workbooks. It is possible to assign macros to toolbar buttons (older versions only) or to graphics in a worksheet.Click on any custom toolbar buttons or graphics and see if you get an error.The brackets are used by Excel when putting together the links to other files.

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is your source for cost-effective Microsoft Excel training. Redirecting the links to the current workbook would not play so then I tackled the named ranges and cleared the problem.This is a particularly common place for links if you are working with a workbook that contains worksheets that were copied or moved from other locations.The defined names, rather than pointing to a cell range in the current workbook, could be pointing to a range in a different workbook.If you do, this is a good indication that the button or graphic is linked to a macro contained in a different file.If you delete the button or graphic, or change the macro assignment, the link problem should go away.