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This step is completely optional, the default values suffice.Copy DNS Info One thing still remains to be done before we enter the new environment and that is copying over the DNS information in into it.An ABI Update is sometimes a major shift in behavior. I started in the web world when there were about 4 different browsers, and a plethora of tags in HTML that were only supported by certain browsers.

I don't know if the bounty was posted because you all like my insightful, well thought out answers, but in an attempt at the bounty, I'll attempt to answer your insightful, well thought out bounty offering.

In the same way, there are people that are crappy coders that have great care for software.

Before I came here, I was an avid poster, over at the Gentoo Forums.

Doing this to at least the system set, prepares us to test every package that we compile against the new standard, because we use a rolling release.

In this way, adding I consider this a courtesy to the developers, as they now have time to prepare as the standard becomes more widely adopted, and the old standard is phased out.