Updating employee information forms

Name Indicate the full name of the individual who should be contacted in an emergency situation.Telephone Number (Including area code) Enter the phone number of the individual who should be contacted in an emergency situation.Before the employee starts work and receives his or her first paycheck, there are some forms you are required to have the employee complete.These forms must be completed by every employee, according to both federal and state laws. Department of Labor (under the Wage and Hour Division) has specific requirements for payroll and personnel records that must be kept on all employees.This form should be kept in the employee's record, but it doesn't need to be sent to a federal agency.Larger employers (with many employees) can sign up for the E-Verify system and use it to check on the eligibility of new employees to work in the U. The system uses the information on Form I-9 to compare with federal data bases.This state agency will also give you information on withholding forms and requirements for reporting and paying withheld amounts.

Relationship From the list below, select the relationship this individual has to you: (use the back button to return to the form) This section is for informational purposes only and is required of all benefits-eligible employees.

Employers must register new employees with their state's new hire notification system; this registration allows the state to collect child support payments from these employees.

A list of the state notification systems is included in this article.

This article provides a checklist of new hire processes, so you don't forget anything.

It includes getting an Employer ID number, registering with the IRS for tax reporting and payments, and with your state (if state income tax is required).