Updating electrical service

Service upgrades are the mainstay for many ECs businesses--and they are very good at doing them quickly, and with excellent quality. Just because an EC has the experience doesn’t mean that are actually good, reputable, or licensed electrician.

As with any other contractor you must do your due diligence.

If there’s more than a minuscule discrepancy, the GFI cuts power to the receptacle or the circuit.

The idea is that if there’s a difference between what’s going out and what’s coming back in, that difference in current might just be leaking out through a person.

The electrical service was upgraded to 200 amps, but many of the outlets are still the two-pin style.

The wiring appears to be an older cloth-wrapped cable. Short of replacing all the wire, is there another way to upgrade this system so that I can be sure it is grounded safely?

If you replace a standard circuit breaker with a combination circuit breaker/GFI, you will gain shock protection for every outlet or device on the circuit. The downside to GFI breakers is that they trip often, so you spend a lot of time going to the basement to reset the breaker.

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One of the big topics of discussion revolves around future home improvement plans.

Years ago, you could grab a ground from any metal water pipe, but when PVC pipe became common, that option disappeared because there was a real chance that the metal water pipe could be repaired with PVC, interrupting the grounding path.

There’s another approach to dealing with electricity being where it shouldn’t be, like on the metal base of a lamp.

Your Electrician must ensure that your panel is large enough to fit more breakers, or your service is big enough to handle the additional load.

Your Electrician should know about this when they come to service your home, because the cost of a service or panel upgrade in five years may be a game changer.