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He did used to be a Christian as I am, but went through a really tough time a few years ago.Since then, he has never returned to his previous beliefs, and has told me that he could 'never go back there'.Francine Green, International Universal World Travels & Tours Co., Ltd., Pastor Greg Locke, Shashicka Tyre-Hill, Christian Warriors, Christian Singles - USA, Single Christians, Christian Mingle, Christian Singles Meet, Christian dating for Christian singles with Christian Crush.com, Single Christian Dating, Bishop Michael Canion, Pastor Francisco Alvaro, Robert Lyte, Voice of Elijah, Inc.

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Paul talks about light not being able to mix with darkness, and not being uneaqually yoked with a non believer.

He is completely respectful of me and my faith, and even encourages me in it.

He has agreed to no sex before marriage, as he knows how important it is to me.

You want to do the Christian thing and want to get his perspective on the issue first.

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