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Aim: The aim was to develop a conceptualized understanding of chaplain's spiritual care process based on neuro-physiological principles of mindfulness and interpersonal empathy.Materials and Methods: Current understandings on neuro-physiological mechanisms of mindfulness-based interventions (MBI) and interpersonal empathy such as theory of mind and mirror neuron system are used to build a theoretical framework for chaplain's spiritual care process.This training and education, called as Chaplain-Residency and clinical pastoral education (CPE), helps a chaplain to provide spiritual care to pluralistic patient population without the necessity of prayer/religious rituals and/or other techniques of TCAM.

Chaplain's insights on and ability to remain mindfully aware of possible emotions/thoughts in the patient, and facilitating patient to return and re-return to become aware of internal emotions/thoughts helps the patient develop own intra-personal mindfulness leading to self-healing.

It effectively modulates emotional arousal and cultivate compassion while down-regulating emotional centers such as amygdala.

Mindfulness meditation also trains the prefrontal cortex to promote stable recruitment of non-conceptual sensory pathways-an alternative to conventional cognitive reappraisal strategies-which in turn reduces habitual negative self-evaluative processing of the brain, and consequentially leads to healing.

Theory and practice of chaplain's spiritual care process: A psychiatrist's experiences of chaplaincy and conceptualizing trans-personal model of mindfulness.

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