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Now it’s up to him to show her just how far a night of passion can go.

A White Cougar Christmas is a short and steamy shifter story of approx. Would you like to find out when new books are released and be notified of contests? Visit my website at and enter your email address in the newsletter box. (White shirt) The kindest, most caring man I’ve ever met. This Lincoln Continental was the car he drove in the field to check on the crops. The crops were just one step below the people he loved.

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You will be able to send and receive email, chat, post in the forums, blog…No matter how busy he was he always made time to talk with my kids and throw a rock for my dog.He bled Crimson and Grey (WSU Cougar through and through) His nick name was Babe.Once you have accessed the directory of chat rooms, you can join any room by either double-clicking on the name of the room, or by selecting the name of the room and then selecting Go Chat. Once there, it isn’t sex she finds, but a fight instead, that is until tall, dark and handsome intervenes…