Sysprep error updating registry xp

To install Windows on this computer, restart the computer." Restarting the machine does no good.Diagnoses and Troubleshooting: These are the steps that I've tried so far: 1) Disabled Windows Media Player Network Sharing service 2) Set skip rearm in answer file 3) Looked for registry key problems: That's as much as I could figure out.The error "The Computer Restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected error" is an annoying error that completely stops the sysprep setup process. The issue that caused it on one of the machines we encountered this on was due to the fact that some profiles had been deleted from the file structure, but the registry entries were left in tact.In order to fix this issue, you will need to change the registry key HKLM/SYSTEM/SETUP/STATUS/Child Completion from 1 to 3. The drivers will not be installed and likely, the system will not be joined to a domain, if applicable.There are supposed to be hotfixes related to KB articles 981592, but according to Microsoft, they are already included in Service Pack 1, which is a part of the image.

I think if you can find a way to get in and change enable the admin account you can be good.

installed OS, installed applications, configured settings, etc.).

Then I sysprepped it and captured/applied it with imagex (onto a computer with identical hardware as the original).

I am now doing the same for windows 7 sp1 (and getting the same problem) and am hoping the hotfixes do the job again.

One other thing I think I had to do was enable the local administrator account.

Sysprep error updating registry xp