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For nogle er dette begrænset til missionærstillingen. Escort betyder, at den prostituerede møder kunden en aftalt tid og sted. være hjemme hos kunden eller på hotel i kortere eller længere tid.This endearing and disarmingly beautiful little gem - a particularly authentic coming-of-age masterpiece set in the 80's Scandinavia - has just too many merits to be overlooked.Headstrong Kirsi, a Swedish girl of Finnish minority, has won a reporter contest for Radio Gothenburg.See full summary » The fifteen year-old Maria "Mimmina" Luiza leaves the boarding school in Genève to stay in the Bechten Hotel nursing her father, the widower writer Guido, who is paralyzed by rheumatism. See full summary » Ida and her family are recovering from the divorce.She is looking forward to the upcoming dance contest. It's summer, and the rebellious 12-year-old girl Kid wants to stay in Gothenburg, but her mother has other plans.