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Although Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development currently contests this ordinance, a large number of local residents support the measure.

Despite these changes, the rural flavor of the area is still very much in evidence, however. Communities have an end point where the country begins.

Sublimity's population was 1524 in 19 in 2000, an increase of 29% (Census Data, Table Two).

Today, two related settlement patterns are strongly shaping the future of the area, the improvement of Highway 22 and the development of higher-end housing subdivisions.

The Stayton/Sublimity Community Resource Unit (CRU) stretches from near Silver Falls State Park to the north, to a western boundary between Stayton and Aumsville, to the south into Linn County and north of Rogers Mountain, and to the east to Stout Mountain west of Mehama. People to the west of the CRU are called "flatlanders", while the east is referred to as "up" or "up the canyon" or "up the river." The Bend area and eastern Oregon is referred to as "over the mountains." Street.

"Westown" in the northwest was touted as "the" place to live, but the poor quality construction of the development turned out to be a real disappointment for many residents. Canals and ditches mark the history and values of local people and also define their physical space.

Sublimity is known as a high-end housing area for Salem commuters. Costs are attributed to high lot costs, system development fees of ,000 or more, and city permits.

The city recently has mandated a minimum lot size of 10,000 square feet in an effort to maintain its attraction for higher end homes.

Sublimity is known as a community of "better" houses, education, and income levels, more upscale developments, and higher voter turnout.

Residents do not believe that many high school graduates go on to college.

Many attend the community college but don't finish.

"It's a farming town," one woman told us, reflecting the historical roots of the community.

Now, the sentiment of local residents is that it's a "bedroom community." Others described the blue collar nature of the workforce, and the rapidly urbanizing population.