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This statue can be seen in the temporary offices of the society on the Adelaide road on the northern edge of town.

Coaches packed with eager passengers jolted and swayed over the rough tracks leading to the new eldorado. At one end it was 30 chains wide (1 chain = 21 metres).Ararat today is a city of 8000 people astride the Western Highway between Melbourne and Adelaide in the Great Dividing Range.Nearby are the beautiful Grampian Mountains, the picturesque village of Great Western, home of the world famous Great Western Champagne.Gold bearing gravels were found on Surface Hill and the White Patch southeast of the Canton.Soon the roar of hundreds of gold cradles rocking the gold through, filled the Ararat valley as the diggers found the Wet Leads which branch from Mullock Bank and the Old Deep Lead at Bridal Hill and extended to Caledonian Lead north of the town."In one instance," wrote the resident Gold Warden "eleven pounds troy of gold was washed from three loads of stuff from the wet lead." In four hectic weeks the population soared to 20,000.