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She tries to leave the village again and steal money out of Val's purse, but Val finds her and becomes annoyed with her.

When Val dies in a helicopter crash, she finds Val's farewell videos humorous.

" Rushworth explained that when Donna left the village four years ago, she was pregnant with April at the time.

Now April is four, Donna realises that it is time she got to know her father and meet her family.

William Makepeace and his grandson, Seb arrived in February.

The following month saw the introduction of Donna Windsor and Marlon Dingle's daughter, April.

Daz arrives in Emmerdale village and is immediately popular with his brother, Dan's, fiancée Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton) and his son Sean (Luke Roskell).

Eventually, Sean and Kerry manage to persuade Dan to allow Daz to stay with them for a while.

When Marlon and Laurel separate, Laurel still takes on the role as April's mother figure.Sam finds her sleeping rough in a barn and he invites her to stay with him, much to Zak and Lisa's horror.When Sam ex-girlfriend Rachel returns, they reconcile and Tracy is thrown out. Whilst staying at the B&B, Val Pollard takes her in and gives her a job.Tracy Shankley, Daz Spencer, Rakesh Kotecha and Carole made their first appearances in July. The White family – Lawrence, Chrissie and Lachlan – arrived in September, October and November.Henry White The actor commented "This will be my second appearance in Emmerdale as I appeared in 1997 as a tramp!