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Helping graduate students and postdocs explore career options within, and beyond academia, while staying on track with their academic goals and research is a service we are proud to provide." Just an hour into the event, Janice Morand, Interim Assistant Director of the ICC, is noticeably in high spirits. The turn-out is excellent; the conversations are meaty and engaged.

“The idea is to gain exposure to a number of professions in a short span of time.The ICC and Graduate Studies are committed to supporting graduate students and postdocs in their career and professional development.This event was designed to provide easy access to a networking opportunity on campus—without the burden of a huge time commitment.It was very time-efficient.” She recalls a conversation with one of the science policy career specialists, who was “very well connected, very open to helping other people.” “She told us quite a bit about being a government employee, how she navigated her career.She was open and friendly, and said I could contact her,” adds Kalay.