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Is there room for that in a more activism-based approach?The second big question is about sustainability, because the fact is – ugly and inconvenient though it may be – journalism is expensive.His business was in the Irongate district of Derby.His family was to include Alfred John Keene who was a local painter who now has works in Derby Art Gallery.It seems to me there are two big questions that face community journalism – objectivity and sustainability.One of the interesting ideas I picked up from the online discussions was that of there being two kinds of community – community in the physical sense of a village or town, and community in the sense of a shared interest. Many people talked about their hope that community journalism could promote their communities – but does that include room for negative stories too?The paper was originally housed at the Corn Market in the town centre, It was refurbished in 1918 after the First World War but it outgrew these premises in 1929 and moved to the Corn Exchange.

The same company also publishes the Telegraph Lite - a weekly advertising-funded free newspaper.At the Post we are covering the manslaughter trial of those accused of causing the deaths of four miners in the Gleision colliery disaster in the Swansea Valley (I have put together a collection of poignant photographs about Gleision on Pinterest).It is an important and highly emotive story to the people of the former mining communities in this corner of Wales – but it is also scheduled to run for six months, and we have a reporter in court every day covering it.How can community journalism move beyond being based on the good will and enthusiasm of volunteers?With the best will in the world, enthusiasm can wane, other commitments come along and people’s circumstances change. Some kind of long-term model of sustainable funding / organisation needs to be found.