Sophia bush dating one tree hill co stars

She composed the music for Bryony Lavery’s play Her Aching Heart for Drill Hall and La Pucelle at the Oval House.

She wrote the music for The Roaring Girl and Man is Man both at the award winning Finborough Theatre.

Harley is famous for his 5 Factor diet in which one needs to eat five times in a day at regular intervals. She used to wear gloves and start doing a variety of boxing moves.

actress Sophia Bush has ex-husband (and costar) Chad Michael Murray to thank for spilling the beans.

In FE Annemarie worked at the Hertford Regional College helping them to make the transition from A Level to BTEC and contributing to the creation of the course.

She works freelance as an audition consultant/workshop facilitator.

Other credits since opening The MTA inc: Musical Supervisor for Robin Hood (Cambridge Touring Theatre) & Around The World in 80 Days (Scoop Theatre, London), West End Backwards (Kings Head) MD’ing a workshop of Playback the musical, and also supervising and playing on the demo album of the show.

In Feb 2013 Annemarie was one of the guests in the first Page to Stage Season at the Landor where her show An Evening with the Music & Lyrics of Annemarie Lewis Thomas featured a number of West End guests singing her material.

The actress will have be able to widen her dating pool now that the series is coming to an end after nine seasons.

In an interview with CW Channel 11 News, Chad talked about his divorce with Sophia and her current relationship with another costar of theirs, James Lafferty. It’s just a little tight group in Wilmington (North Carolina).” Don’t you love how the news totally goes over the newscaster’s head? Pictured below: Sophia, 26, and James, 23, traveling together at the Wilmington airport on Friday (October 24).

Chad shared, “[Sophia and I] both professional and mature enough to get through it.

It is based on the Archie comic book series of the same name.

She has taken help from celebrity trainers like Jason Walsh and Harley Pasternak.