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Brette's Answer: Usually if visitation is supervised, it is because of concerns about that parent's abilities to parent appropriately, and that would apply to all children.

However, there could be a situation where there is a specific issue with one child that would lead to supervised visits with only one child. Can supervised visitation be ordered based on a medical condition?

Jenny's Question: I am the mother of 3 children ages 8, 5, and 1 year old.

He has just been released early from prison and claims he wants to be fully involved in the raising of our children.If he did these things, it is possible he could adequately care for her.Supervised visitation, while necessary in some cases is frankly really hard to maintain.I am open to the idea of visitation on the grounds that it is supervised either by me or a social worker.I am concerned about leaving her alone with him because he doesn't understand her medical condition and wouldn't know what to do if she were having an attack.