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Ask him what he would want to do next and exchange fantasies from there.

This not only keeps your relationship exciting, but can also ensure better sexual compatibility the next time you see each other.

If you want to keep up the mysterious aspect of the game over text, a good way to play is by one person proposing “Never have I ever done xyz…” and the other writing back “Five fingers” or whatever number they have in response to the question.

You can also respond with pictures via text or Snapchat, which would show how many fingers you still have up.

Ideally, this would work on an item-to-item basis to get a little teasing action going on.

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If you’re both into music, you can put each other’s skills to the test by playing Guess the Lyric games by text.

Since you can’t always see each other face-to-face in a long distance relationship, you and your man can write each other sexy stories about what you would do if you were together right then.

You can start it out with a sexy message like, Maybe even include a picture of the bath and a little skin to help him visualize.

Example: Einstein, Isaac Newton, or Charles Darwin?

It seems unusual to think of Never Have I Ever as an easily-adaptable game by text, but it’s essentially just a question-and-answer game.