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Maybe i will start with all Riga public transport pics ... Hey Laurijs, I am interested in development of Riga's Public Transportation System, especially trams.

I would like finally to get a ride in Purvciems, Plavnieki, Ziepniekkalns using trams, these three lines were planned to be built long time ago.

You can blame only me if Riga does not have bike roads. Does it mean that I am doing something bad and unneeded?

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- - - Riga Central Railway Station for the second time has announced tender on sheltered entrance hall above rails - first time they failed.Also I am thinking about an extension of lines # 2 and # 8 all way to Bolderaja and maybe even Daugavgriva.Don't take me seriosly, this is my fantasy, I know that, this never going to happend.I also can develope my fantasy more about right coast of Daugava too. I am also glad that, so many other people are intersted in development of Trams in Riga.I just want say that, Skantes Street should be used for tramlines. You can look at planned scheme of tramlines in Riga here (red lines are trams - existing and planned): would see that there are no trams to Bolderaja (there is planned passenger railway on existing rails - but nothing is done).