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Davies and American engineer Paul Baran — a man determined to brace his nation for the possibility of nuclear war.

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Yet 1988’s attack by the “Morris Worm” — named for Robert T.

These pioneers often say that online crime and aggression are the inevitable manifestation of basic human failings, beyond easy technological solutions.

“I believe that we don’t know how to solve these problems today, so the idea that we could have solved them 30, 40 years ago is silly,” said David H.

“The cloud-of-doom attitude that nuclear war spells the end of the earth is slowly lifting,” Baran wrote, endorsing the view that “the possibility of war exists but there is much that can be done to minimize the consequences.” Among those was a rugged communication system with redundant links so that it could still function in the aftermath of a Soviet strike, allowing survivors to provide aid to one another, preserve democratic governance and potentially launch a counterattack.

This, Baran wrote, would help “the survivors of the holocaust to shuck their ashes and reconstruct the economy swiftly.” A pioneering computer network built by the Pentagon’s Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA).

Sex dating in valley washington