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His latest analysis of Census Bureau data indicates that in 2015, the year that same-sex marriage was legalized nationwide, there were 44,000 adopted children being raised by 28,000 same-sex couples.That number of children was double his estimate from 2013.A student shall be required to have a minimum attendance of 75% in the aggregate of all the courses taken together in a semester, provided that the Director may condone attendance shortage upto 5% for individual student for reasons to be recorded.However, under no condition, a student who has an aggregate attendance of less than 70% in a semester shall be allowed to appear in the semester end examination.Yet, even as more gays and lesbians are adopting, there are efforts by state and federal politicians to protect faith-based adoption agencies that object to placing children in such families.

She says problems often arise when gays and lesbians seek the far less costly option of adopting out of foster care, given that many of the placements are handled by faith-based agencies under contract with child-welfare departments."We wouldn't have kids waiting if we had enough families seeking to adopt," Kahn said.

For those who support gay adoption, the entire phenomenon is very much a good news/bad news story.

Gays and lesbians have ever-expanding opportunities to adopt, and a strong likelihood of finding community support if they do so.

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