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So ingrained is the Kenya man’s itch to chase skirts that 90 per cent of the women sampled say they have been hit on by a married man “whom they knew was married or later found out was married.” But proof that it takes two crooks to tango lies in the revelation that 79 per cent of women who are romping a married man crawled beneath the sheets knowing the hairy bugger was married anyway. Eighty five per cent of women who sleep with married men do it because its a meal ticket to Easy Street. Not surprisingly, women cheat mostly with men who drive cars like Mercedes Benz, BMW or Subaru (13, 12 and 10 per cent respectively).ALSO READ: Will my wife Tenderoni allow me to marry a second wife?An exclusive Ipsos survey reveals that 87 per cent of women aged between 18-35 know someone who is dating a married man.Frighteningly, 50 per cent of married men have unprotected sex, meaning wives who kick a ruckus after discovering condoms in their husbands’ wallets should probably give them a peck.According to the survey, married men who cheat most on their wives are aged between 35 and 39 years, followed closely by men aged 40 to 44.

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Finally, if you are a married woman whose husband is playing’ away matches’, don’t waste your time insulting your ‘helper’ through midnight text messages.

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Obviously, these men have, or are presumed to have, cash to throw around.

Surprisingly, few of the women sampled date lawyers.