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In 2008, Simpson started calling media organizations and lawmakers in Olympia, saying Murray, then a state senator, was a pedophile who had sexually abused him.

Before his political career, Murray — one of seven children in an Irish Catholic family — considered the priesthood.

“I have been dealing with this for over 30 years,” the man, now sober for a year, told the Times.

He said he was coming forward as part of a “healing process” after years of “the shame, the embarrassment, the guilt, the humiliation that I put myself through and that he put me through.” The man also said his father’s recent death freed him of a desire to keep the abuse secret.

A knife was found her in pocket, according to the document.

During an interview with police, Brown allegedly told an officer, “I’m a loon,” and said planned to stab the victim to death.

“I would really like for him to admit it and to take responsibility,” Simpson told two Times reporters who visited him unannounced in Portland.

“I don’t necessarily think that he destroyed my life but I believe a lot of the problems I have stemmed from this.” Simpson tried to bring a lawsuit against Murray in 2007, with Anderson’s support, but his lawyer withdrew from the case.

Having sex with a child under 16 — the age of legal consent in Washington in 1986 and today — constitutes rape of a child under state law. has not previously made any financial demands of Murray.

“She was extremely emotionless when she spoke to me about attempting to kill (the victim).

At one point throughout the conversation, she was more concerned with missing work the following day than facing the possible consequences of an aggravated assault,” the officer stated in the form.

The Times said one of them talked with a social worker and detective at the time.

No charges were filed and an entry in an old Multnomah County district attorney’s database indicates the office considered but rejected a felony third-degree sodomy case in May 1984.