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The pictures of Bonnie Parker, for example, with a cigar between her teeth, beret on her head and a pistol in her hand, swept across the U.

S, earning her the sobriquet: The Cigar-Smoking Gun Moll.

Bonnie Parker's mother, Emma, estimated that 20,000 people filed past her open casket - although for the most part they remained orderly. But amidst all the hype and hoopla, one truth remains.Ms Warren hired a lawyer to reclaim it and within weeks was renting out the car for £100 a week - a staggering sum in those days - to Charles W. He took it around the country to help plug his popular crime lectures.Stanley made a fortune out of the fame of Bonnie and Clyde - a fame that was fanned by their funerals.'But if it wouldn't have been her, it would have been us.' Their bodies were riddled with 25 bullets each, even though Bonnie Parker had never been charged with a capital offence.The pair had become notorious after two years on the run and the crime scene quickly descended into a bizarre circus.