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On 9/20/2016, an archdiocesan spokesperson said (1, 2) that the Neocatechumenates in Guam had a powerful ally in to the Agaña archdiocese.The Vatican has "just formed all the conditions for the trial," Hon told reporters in early November.On 11/9/2016, the archdiocese regained control of the Yona property, when Byrnes Apuron's controversial 2011 deeds that had given the property to the Neocatechumenates.On 1/11//2017 a private investigator hired by the attorney for Apuron accusers found the archbishop living in a private home in Fairfield, California.The apparent sexual criminality of Jósef Wesołowski, a Vatican diplomat for a dozen years, raises concerns about the character of the bishops he helped select as papal nuncio to six countries. News broken by ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) July 2016 of multiple additional complaints investigated by Victorian police. Accused in 2007 of sexual assault of a 42-year-old man for 11 years. Diplomatic immunity removed August 2014, day after NY Times expos.The following list includes 87 bishops worldwide who have been accused publicly of sexual wrongdoing – 60 (names in ) allegedly abused minors, and 27 (names in black) are publicly accused of sexual abuse/sexual misconduct with adults only. Pell allegedly fondled the genitals and anuses of two boys in a pool in 1978-1979, and may have exposed himself to three boys in 1986-1987. Put under house arrest in Vatican City State September 2014.Accused in a second lawsuit, filed in 4/17, of repeated sexual abuse of another 10-year-old altar boy, in the early 1960s at a Mongmong parish. Suit settled 2015: RTÉ paid legal costs but made no concession on victim's age. Accused 2002 in criminal complaint by three young men of sexual assault of minors. Bishop Guillermo Martín Abanto Guzmán Fathered child in 2011. Yalung Resigned 2002, age 49, per canon 401.2, after news he had fathered a child. Archbishop Juliusz Paetz Resigned 2002, age 67, after accused of sexually abusing young seminarians. Banned from public ministry, but ban lifted by Vatican June 2010. Weakland had just turned 75, and resignation was accepted per canon 401.1 -- the age-75 rule applying to bishops in standard situations.Second accuser said he found porn in the rectory and Camacho caught him, perfomed sex acts on him, then threatened to tell the boy's mother he looked at porn if he told. Livieres filed counter-charges of extortion and libel. Resigned July 2013, age 49, per canon 401.2, after child's mother took him to court, demanding he recognize paternity. Accused 2007 of molesting boys by ex-missionary who himself faced deportation for alleged pedophilia in 1990s. Ban was at some point reinstated: in April 2016, Vatican warned Paetz to stop public appearances and resume private life of "repentance and prayer." Poznan archbishop emeritus. Resigned as papal nuncio to Dominican Republic August 2013 and was secretly recalled to Vatican, just days before DR news media exposed his alleged sex assaults of children on Santo Domingo waterfront. Weakland denied abuse but admitted to sexual relationship.

Pagotto had also been accused of sexual misconduct with an 18-year-old male. By August 2016, at least five men had accused Apuron of abusing them as boys.Removal announced early 1998, after more victims surfaced. Sent by Vatican to monastery in France for "spiritual and psychological treatment." Admitted on television in April 2011 to abuse of two nephews, one beginning at age 5, over 13-year period in 1970s and '80s. Investigated late 1990s-early 2000s by police probing sexual abuse in Cornwall. Dismissed Deacon Steven Martinez from review board 10/24/2014 after Martinez accused him of ignoring church sex abuse policy, by harboring Rev. Vatican reportedly was notified in August 2015 of Apuron's alleged rape of another boy, at Our Lady of Mount Carmel church in Agat in 1977.Schönborn and 3 others confirmed Groër's abuses February 1998. Left monastery amidst public outcry three days after TV appearance. Archbishop Aldo di Cillo Pagotto Resigned 2016, age 66, per canon 401.2, after Vatican investigation into charges he accepted into the archdiocese priests and seminiarians rejected by other dioceses for suspected pedophilia. John Wadeson, who had been accused twice of child sex abuse in the U. Apuron was accused publicly in November 2014 of sexually abusing a high school seminarian in the 1980s: review board would not investigate. that Apuron's alleged abuses had been reported to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.On 6/29/2017, Victoria police announced that Pell would face "multiple charges" and that there were "multiple complainants." In response, the Sydney archdiocese said that Pell "strenuously" denies the allegations and will return home pending doctors' approval to "defend the charges vigorously." He becomes the highest ranking Catholic Church official to be criminally charged with child sexual abuse. Found dead in his Vatican apartment August 28, 2015. Abuse was said to have included masturbation, anal and oral sex.Criminally charged June 2014 with 1969 sexual abuse of child in New Norcia, prior to ordination. Stepped aside as Australia's Military bishop while court case active. Diocesan investigators deemed the accusations "plausible" and awarded Janssen's accuser 10,000 euros "in recognition of his suffering." Resigned age 69 in 2010 per canon 401.2 after accusations he severely beat children at at a Schrobenhausen orphanage in the 1970s and misappropriated the orphanage's funds.