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“It puts people in a position of uncertainty, of anxiety, and there is a direct link to a range of mental health problems – something we see very often.” The UK is the only country in Europe to enforce indefinite immigration detention, despite government-commissioned reports calling for a cap.Recent statistics showed that 2,944 people are currently being held, including young children, pregnant women and vulnerable detainees, for periods ranging from a few days to over four years.He described Brook House as “a prison”, mapping out the small room he shared with two other detainees, with a toilet in the corner and a reinforced metal door complete with a viewing hatch.Jonathan Bartley, co-leader of the Green Party, said Mr Bigzad’s account added to the “grotesque picture” of G4S’ handling of its two immigration detention centres.

Samim Bigzad, an asylum seeker who was kept at Brook House before being deported to Afghanistan earlier this month, said he met suicidal people and saw drugs being smuggled into the centre near Gatwick airport.Of more than 28,000 people detained at immigration centres in a year, more than half are eventually released back into the community, she said, “begging the question as to why they were held in the first place”.When Mr Bigzad was eventually removed from Brook House on 12 September, he said there was no warning and when he asked to call his solicitor, the request was refused.“While the specific allegations made at Brook House must be investigated and those responsible brought to justice, this is a much wider problem than the actions of one government sub-contractor,” she added.“It is widely understood that the absence of a time limit on our detention system makes people vulnerable.