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The other side of the equation are those -- sometimes referred to as "tabooists" -- who assume that even early man lived under a strict system of sexual abstinence, and that the sex lives of Neanderthal man were everything but orgiastic.

Some believe Stone Age humans were prudes It's a dispute in which sharply contrasting worlds collide.

In fact, in an article soon to be published in the journal Germania, Staeuble speculates on how the pieces could fit together.

He writes that "there is strong evidence that this is a copulation scene." According to Staeuble, the fragments show that the man was standing with his pelvis at a slight angle.

The traveling exhibition titled "100,000 Years of Sex," which is currently making its way through Germany, also attempts to shed new light on our more distant ancestors.

When did man first become embarrassed by sexual activity?Who invented the incest taboo and the concept of monogamy in marriage?Did all the members of an extended family sleep in the same grass hut among the Neanderthals?New pornographic figurines from the Stone Age have been discovered in Germany.But researchers can't agree on what the 7,000-year-old sculptures mean.