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He looks at them and smiles, says, "Oh, you look so pretty. How on earth would or should a Thai girl like the one in the bank show interest in you until or unless you say something to her first? Ok, let's say your bank girl is miles and miles and miles and miles more beautiful than any girl I or this ugly old dude have ever seen. I know it is very Thai to ask "where are you going? In my country we don't suddenly accost strangers and start getting fresh, we are taught to mind own business, and not hassle strangers.Buddy of mine is extremely ugly and looks years older than me. My name is Paul." Then it just goes naturally from there. But your advantage is you are no doubt younger and better looking than him and you speak Thai fluently. In this case could have been a 16 or 17 YO for all I know.

Was lucky to get the sexiest of them, a 46 y leady with well-conserved body. My name is Paul." Then it just goes naturally from there. No, I don't recommend you or anyone else hassle anyone.I don't think I will ever lose the desire for some strange.Being only very occasionally in BKK, I decided to try a bit of everythng. Started with Thermae just because I love the system, despite previous abd experiences. Being farang and not really attractive, I must rely on the girls who smile to me. One problem is I don't want to complicate things by dating any young girls, I have GF already plus a few regular girls.These things are just not what I am typically looking for.There is little doubt that very good looking girls do not have to be pornstars to get enough business.