Sean plott metadating

With that let's get right in on what is bad about this visual novel.

Since I was just talking about culture I feel like the first thing is that the culture that the author knows is completely anathema to me.

What happens when another one of her other teachers sees the messages she and her friend make about dating a professor? Curious if any of that happens I checked using the autoskip stuff (which doesn't work very well since you need to read facebook posts manually).

Then there was an episode of Metadating, a live show where Starcraft II streamer Day[9] and two of his friends would play games about dating, about a well regarded Visual Novel called Katawa Shoujo. After that carried through the show and they Day[9] decided they'd return to it the next episode I decided to play it myself. In this shit Visual Novel you play as a High School teacher and you read your students Facebook and Emails on the down low. Playing it I felt like all their drama was beneath me and also that they're largely very stupid. Hell, I had a similar hilarious idea a couple months ago that could be described as "Banjo-Kazooie like world, cast as colorful as Banjo-Kazooie, the only way any characters communicate is with Twitter." I was highly amused with my idea.

As they described the premise, a dating visual novel where you attend a school for the disabled and foster relationships with one of 5 girls with various disabilities, I settled in ready for a wonderful livestream where 3 guys drink beer, laugh and try to understand an incoherent mess. It took me a while to realize as they went through the intro, talking about the style of the prose and how it establishes things that this game actually wasn't funny bad. In a way I imagine that must be how teachers would feel if they actually read your Facebook. I toyed with the notion that if you At Replied the wrong person too many times they'd block you and you'd never read their tweets again and also the game wouldn't alert you as a needlessly clever parody of how real Twitter works.

If the author intended it to be fool proof than the author did not think very hard about it.

If the main character thought he was done he was a fool.