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Nonetheless, there isn’t much to say about how romance plays out between two Suns of the same sign, if you don’t know the rest of the chart (I can’t do this part for you from here – you either have to look up your chart or get in touch with me for a reading).

Where the differences happen will be in the rest of your chart, if you’re a Scorpio Woman courting a Scorpio Man right now – or vice-versa.

They may just press the red nuclear button from time to time, in order to see that value for themselves.

Nothing feels more freeing than knowing you can afford to give up the ties you’ve built, at any moment.

Thus begins to war of attrition to decide who will go first in swallowing their pride, and romance the other into seeing a brighter future together.Both know what it’s like to deal with deep, turbulent emotions, so they make allowances for one another’s moods and feelings.Intensely jealous and possessive, they also tend to be very faithful and loyal to one another – if only because they know the fury they will face if they’re not.Otherwise, by day, it’s a different ruling energy in the chart and different events in your life will factor into your general outlook – which can lead to misunderstandings with a fellow Scorpio.Scorpio is the most intense but also most widely misunderstood sign of the zodiac.