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The couple stayed together for five years and separated in May 2010.

After Mitchell’s break up with Craig, she was posted with Andrew “Joey” Johns.

Check it out: Satsuki Mitchell is an American actress born in the USA in 1979.

She hit the spot light and is best known for her incredible contributions as a production and development executive on “The Jacket” in 2005, “Black Christmas” in 2006 and “Last Night” in 2010.

If nothing else, this should generate some additional excitement for their new film.

We can't wait to see how much chemistry they actually DO have.

Did Daniel call off his engagement to Satsuki Mitchell so that he could be with Rachel Weisz?

Both Lewis and Mitchell did not speak a single word regarding this topic, so it’s hard to say if the couple is still dating or separated.But now we're wondering if there's any truth to those rumors that there's something going on romantically between Daniel and actress Rachel Weisz, who quietly split from her director husband Darren Aronofsky over the summer. Either way, it's pretty common for actors meet on sets and fall in love—and there are a slew of Hollywood romances that started out just that way.Will that be the story for Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz? But, admittedly, they would make a potentially cute couple.Brit-born stars Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz may be two of the most private stars in Hollywood, but they may not be able to hide their marriage troubles for much longer."They're virtual strangers these days," a source tells in London, Rachel is shooting a biopic about tragic yachtsman Donald Crowhurst in Devon in the U. "They'd vowed to never let work come between them, but that's exactly what's happening," says the source.