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Annually it was assessed to render £4 5s 0d to its overlords.The village remained largely unchanged until the 18th century, when the village's natural springs, known as Streatham Wells, were first celebrated for their health-giving properties.

After the departure of the Romans, the main road through Streatham remained an important trackway.Carwyn Owen, 22, and his girlfriend Megan (left) were both living with their parents and were unable to afford a large deposit so came up with the inventive solution for their first home together.Pictured right, TV personality Sarah Beeny The property has a larch wood cladding on the exterior and is fitted with handmade windows and copper light fittings.They were also able to get their bathroom fitted for just £100.Speaking about her show, How to Live Mortgage Free, Sarah Beeny said: 'It's all about finding slightly alternative ways of living.