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) and have been enjoying this lovely fragrance for most of the day. Within a couple of hours of the complex, beautiful opening, a familiar, lovely aroma immediately produced the association with Liz Claiborn Vivid (which I've worn for years, having gone through multiple bottles).

Vivid is more linear, opening the way she drys down, though lovely in the manner and grace of the scent; as is CD Addict.

Sadly though, the smell is a bit too much for me and usually ends up making me sick to my stomach.

It's going up on evil bay, since I can't enjoy it anymore.

Even at triple digits, you absolutely get every penny's worth in the beauty AND performance of this gorgeous, genius composition. On par with: Guerlain's Shalimar and Patou's JOY, irrefutably (which, in my mind, is highly-esteemed indeed). Addict was long lasting and had more of a throw than I am used to. Totally wear it in colder place such as the common over-airconditioned building in Jakarta...

I have the 2012 version, which I think this is the right page for. Definitely a winter scent because of its potency and there is a holiday season quality to it as well which leads me to think of this as a winter perfume. Do not overspray it's very lucky for us living in Indonesia. 10/10 (This review is for a newer batch-- probably no more than 4 years old? I will say that on the first day I had this on- a customer in my store said "Something smells wonderful in here". This lasts LONGER than any current version of Poison too!

Everything about it begins with deeply impacting top notes, like a severe blow to your face, and then you get into a mysterious and wild garden of flowers as the heart notes come out... Addict is an example of a perfume that really needs to be tested on skin instead of paper.

I was impressed from the very first sniff, so impressive warm and creamy and luxurious.Lovely green, powdery,sophisticated, bittersweet, slightly gaseous floral to powder transition,not heady very slightly sharpish and slightly soapy.. No very long lasting but love the first green notes so much that reapplying is a pleasure. Smells more lush and wet on paper but more powdery on skin.I wore this one to work and got asked about the smell a lot, receiving many compliments.I was looking for a fragrance that could work both with an afternoon work meeting and an evening date - and I found it!Sexy but not provocative, vanilla yet not vanilla-boring. I have huge respect for Luca Turin, but he trashes this in his perfumes guide; I do not agree with his assessment of Addict one iota.