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He comes up with a crazy idea to lost both guys in the maze. " Parte de la serie "Rabbit or Wolf" de one-shots Ryo Da que escribo cada que pasa algo interesante entre ellos en la vida real ^w^ *los cuales no es necesario leer en orden de escritura/publicación ni leer todos para entender cada historia*Esto es solo mi versión de los Johnnyhechos sobre el “pleito” entre Ueda y Ryo-chan y poco o nada tiene que ver con lo que haya pasado entre ellos en realidad ^^U The worst snow storm in history has hit, and Nishikido Ryo has found himself braving the weather alongside Ueda Tatsuya on a mission that takes them into forbidden Outcast territory to rescue one of Ueda's friends, Taguchi Junnosuke.

After saying “” Now it was refused me because private “.A young girl who seemed to have no connection at all to any of them are the one who brought them together and drove them apart. So why is he risking his neck to help a guy he doesn't even care about find a friend who might just get them all killed?She’s the one who shows them the real person they could be. "Cuando tu primer amor no puede ser más que tu amigo te niegas a volver a amar por miedo a ser herido una vez más... Torindoru I still in the like now one of the usual magazine model did not have name recognition, had Iribita~tsu to Akanishi corps and club.Is not It was a Hitoshi aim to partner, it has been rumored Maybe you there also was dating one time and other corps members “(same) Through the years, the past of these you’ve erupted afresh while rumors.