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Yes, talking to a girl who’s a stranger is not easy.But then again, if you know just how to do it without appearing like you’re picking her up, you’ll realize just how easy the whole game can be.[Read: 20 things that turn a girl on and gets her interested in a guy] #3 Appear awkward.If you’re with your friends, look at her now and then, but appear like your distracted and not able to focus on the conversation you’re having with your friends. Exchange eye contact now and then, one or two times every minute and no more than that, and when you feel pretty courageous, flash a tiny smile from the corner of your lip for a second, and let her notice your smile.She could do this by walking to the ladies room alone, stepping away from her friends by answering a phone call, or even by just smiling at you and leaving the place.It’s always easier to talk to a girl when she’s by herself.Use these tips to approach her and start the right conversation. Sometimes, all you need to do is wait for the girl to give you a chance to talk to her.If she’s really interested in you and wants to talk to you, she’d create enough opportunities for you to walk up to her.

It almost always never works, unless you’re a smooth talker with the gift of gab.Walking up to a girl you’ve never spoken to before is like taking a dip in icy water. Your heart starts beating faster than you can count.And your stomach inches closer to your tongue with each step you take.Walk up to her with your gaze fixed on her confidently.Walk right into the herd, but look straight at her and only her.

Rules dating vietnamese girls