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Each and every state that has approved the use of medical marijuana has established specific guide lines including a list of approved diseases and conditions for which an individual may qualify.If the individual's condition is within compliance of their state's guidelines, they are eligible to be seen by a licensed physician and eventually obtain a medical marijuana card in their respective state.

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Nov 3rd, 2017: Cowboy Nov 2nd, 2017: What spooky planet is this?However, patients must first complete and pass a medical marijuana evaluation and certification process that not only clarifies the patient's condition, but also creates a proper plan on how to treat this illness with medical marijuana as an alternative medicine.At this time, all medical records and current or past medical conditions will be discussed and taken into account.It all takes place at the El Salto Del Colacho festival in Castrillo de Murcia, Spain.Lucky babies, their eternal fate changing as the result of a simple stunt.