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Neither sex offenders or law enforcement have the tools or data to determine the zones, even if the guidelines on how to measure the zones were stronger, he said."Accordingly, due to (the Sex Offender Registry Act's) vagueness, registrants are forced to choose between limiting where the reside, work and loiter to a greater extent than is required by law or risk violating SORA," he wrote.Cleland struck down other portions of the law as well, but ruled in favor of the government on the rest of the lawsuit.

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“Unless Dish resumes carrying NFL Network, Dish subscribers will miss out on coverage of NFL Training Camps, a chance to catch all 65 Preseason games, the excitement of ‘Thursday Night Football,’ every touchdown from every game Sunday afternoons on NFL Red Zone, and shows such as ‘NFL Gameday Morning’ and ‘A Football Life,’ and much, much more,” it states.

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Football fans who have the Dish Network will have a lot more than bad referee calls to grumble about this September.

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