Reasons for backdating job seekers allowance

If you have a good reason you should be able to avoid a sanction.

For example, if you tried to get the bus to the Jobcentre and it didn’t show, then you shouldn’t be sanctioned for being late to an appointment.

A second offence carries a 26-week sanction; a further one within a year means you’ll be sanctioned for three years. See this page for further information on the length of sanctions.

If you leave a job voluntarily, get sacked for bad behaviour or refuse to take part in the Mandatory Work Activity Scheme, you’ll get sanctioned for 13 weeks for a first offence.

It was not a particularly pleasant experience for you at a time when you’re trying to find work and having to deal with the fact that your local Jobcentre, in Wood Green, would not handle your claim and instead being sent to your ‘postcode’ Jobcentre in Tottenham, a 40-minute walk or a bus journey away.

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Arriving late or not turning up for meetings are the most common reasons why you could be sanctioned.

You could also be sanctioned for: You should be told you’re being sanctioned – so if your money hasn’t turned up and you don’t know why, call your local Jobcentre immediately. However charming you are, your advisor is still bound by law to sanction you if they think you’ve not kept your side of the job-seeking bargain.

Reasons for backdating job seekers allowance