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And, I don't think you really need more than five minutes,” said Denise Brown, who met her husband Larry through a service in Los Angeles called Rapid Dating. And this modern method of dating isn't just for the especially young people out there with busy work schedules. Sometimes you have to go back until they put the good things on the rack,” said Sally, who met her boyfriend Ken through Rapid Dating. “After that we started seeing each other fairly regularly several times a week,” said Ken.

“She happened to be the very last woman who cycled through my table. “My seventh time there is when I met Sally,” said Ken. “I think right away, four days a week, and now we're living together,” added Sally.

Back then, big computers helped people find a mate.

"Setting up people is still customary in many places around the world and has been around for generations.

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No one felt the need for a marriage license to have sex and the pick-up scene at bars stayed in full swing throughout the next decade.

The advent of new technology in the 1990s saw the most significant shift in dating yet.