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Likely because of his skin color, English professor and writer Moustafa Bayoumi says that strangers often ask him, “Where are you from?” When he answers that he was born in Switzerland, grew up in Canada and now lives in Brooklyn, he raises eyebrows. Because the people doing the questioning have a preconceived idea about what Westerners generally and Americans particularly look like.

The same applies to how we think about other people.

She says that she never left her seat, spoke to other passengers or tinkered with suspicious devices during the flight.

In other words, her removal from the plane was without warrant.

Arguably no group demonstrates this more than Japanese Americans. Acting with this idea in mind, the federal government decided to round up more than 110,000 Japanese Americans and place them in internment camps for fear that they would team up with Japan to plot additional attacks against the United States. Without trial or due process, the Nisei were stripped of their civil liberties and forced into detention camps. government issued a formal apology to Japanese Americans for this shameful chapter in history. 11 terrorist attacks, Japanese Americans worked to prevent Muslim Americans from being treated how the Nisei and Issei were during World War II.

No evidence suggested that Japanese Americans would commit treason against the U. The case of Japanese-American internment is one of the most egregious cases of racial prejudice leading to institutional racism. Despite their efforts, hate crimes against Muslims or those perceived to be Muslim or Arab rose following the terrorist attacks.