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Needless to say, my sex life was quite healthy and vigorous back then Ever since about 2005, the AOL chat rooms pretty much died out, and other services like Yahoo Chat never got popular. That takes some skill, but Twitter used to show you all of the tweets from your location. Anyway, it is more about establishing a presence online and then having people hit you up, as opposed to directly coming at women.I think in 2014, the only chat service still around is Facebook but I never hear much about it. A simple search for wherever you're at accomplishes the same. If you post interesting things, these services will recommend you to people whose interests are the same, and you automatically get followers you should have a good chance at.I like though how when you select to talk to a random person, you/they are given permission if you accept them to keep talking to you.The app does let you have some control with people you wouldnt want to interact with or talk to anymore like blocking them if you feel they are a bad influence to you, which I feel gives myself more security and privacy. Text with the ones you like and block the ones you don't. They just put you in there and expect you'll learn your lesson. You will find there different kind of personalities: wealthy businessmen, hot girls, married women, lesbians, gays, addictive role play gamers, charming ladies, student teenagers, friendly foreigners, single asians, black people, caucasians, etc. Block)3) Founders and moderators of chat rooms have a new menu: press any message in a chat room you control to Report/Ban messages easily4) Delete any of your messages in a private chat by long pressing it - Delete5) Improved spam protection and security: - new private chats allow the founder to describe the reason for a chat in 1 message- the receivers of the new chats have an option to easily accept, report and delete the chat in a pop up menu6) People section works faster7) People section recovers part of the contacts if installing the app on a different device Update: regardless of what the developer says in response to me here they're hypocrites. There is no conversation of an appeal or any kindof real justification.It reminds me of the “good ol’ days” back in the late 90’s/early 00’s when I used to go into chat rooms similar to this on dial-up internet!

My point is that we have better tools than chat rooms these days. Unless you browse their forums, which can get rather interesting. I used to work Yahoo Groups back in the day; that was the natural evolution of what you're referring to with AOL.What confuses me is why chat rooms in general have disappeared?I think they were a cool way for singles to meet, and I have serious doubts that popular dating sites like and Plenty of Fish can replicate the excitement of entering a chat room and starting random conversations.Just curious why those popular AOL chat rooms disappeared?I can remember spending HOURS in those chat rooms in the late 90's.