Problems with dating a married woman

However, the family members and well wishers would certainly not expect the wife cheating on her husband and having an extramarital affair.

During a marriage counselling session, the husband and wife were sitting in front of me.

Whatever were the details of the case, a few questions repeatedly hammered my mind – Do married women have extra marital affair? It may not be possible to quote statistics from some authentic research or survey on extra marital affairs involving married women as it would depend from place to place and time to time.

But it is safe to presume that the percentage of cases where married women are cheating on their spouse is increasing and the absolute numbers are also alarming.

Currently this is the most common cause being quoted.

For some this concept goes beyond cars, furniture and fashion and includes sexual variety through more than one partner as well.

While to some others, getting satisfactory sexual and emotional intimacy may seem to be more important than remaining faithful in marriage.

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Sometimes women married for couple of years to the same person have a stronger craving and they go in for a bit of a change in their routine.It would be safe to say the percentage of infidelity cases has already crossed the double digit.The analysis of same estimates may also show that younger to middle aged people are more likely to have an affair than older married persons.Almost every married person has faced marriage problems one time or the other.It would not be an exaggeration to say that there is no marriage without marriage problems even if the partners truly love each other.

Problems with dating a married woman