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In the horrible event that Angelo would not be available to continue developing Power Press, I'm sure Todd Cochrane (Ceo of Raw Voice) would find someone else to support the plugin and continue with its development. There is no Pontiac (official) parts, I'm not sure people would hurry to buy this car.For a long time choosing to use Pod Press would be like choosing to buy a Pontiac G6. If there is a problem with your G6, anyone who works on your car you has some experience with this model. I'm sure there are still parts stores that carry parts for this car, but things are going to get ugly.After the installation however I found that there were so many controls and options, and I found myself googling for podpress tutorials.Unfortunately, there is very little material on how to podcast with Word Press.Meanwhile Power Press is utilizing some of the latest features in i Tunes. And so I went over and I submitted my podcast and said it was free for the first month.That is why I use Power Press My wife's car is a Pontiac G6, now for those of you outside of the States, Pontiac the actual car company who's been around forever, they went out of business. So you might imagine when you own a Pontiac and it breaks down you hope to find somebody who knows that model. So I went over and I just replied back and I said, well its free for the first month. And he said, “where are you getting this information from, where are you getting this information from?Pod Press has a new person(s) who is maintaining the code. For me, this points out why I'm not using this “updated” plugin. On the latest episode of the Power of Podcasting Fred Castaneda was able to interview two people who were important to his life. I'm on this newsletter thing from podcasters and a person wrote said, “hey, I would promote your podcast and here's my website.

When the “podcast expert” for had no album art and I took my screenshot I had proof here.Click ‘Add Media File’ and specify your podcast file from the drop down list.The podcast file itself needs to be uploaded (using an FTP client) to your wp-content/uploads/ folder to show up in the list.Your main job here is to provide thumbnail images for display in the i Tunes Podcast directory.You can browse through the General and Player settings to see what options you want to tweak, but you don’t need to worry about much as the settings are auto generated.