Parent dating rules for teens

Which activities should take precedence and is society expecting too much of adolescents?Modern times have brought about an accepted culture of sexual experiences as casual and full of immediately gratifying experiences.To prepare for a debate, consider some of these issues and questions to help formulate a solid argument.Should there be time limits on welfare benefits and should welfare recipients be required to take drug tests? These questions form the bulk of the debate over abortion.

Should the United States implement more policies to prevent and punish people who enter illegally or should the immigration policies be more lenient?

Between high school classes, social engagements, sports and clubs, after school jobs, internships, college planning, and family life, teenagers today are typically very busy.

Should parents allow teens to fill their calendars, or is it their job to enact limits on time spent outside of school and home?

These questions are two of the biggest components of the capital punishment debate.

Arguments related to this topic include what message the death penalty sends to society, which execution methods are most acceptable, and laws regarding the criteria for receiving the death penalty.